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 1. Group Overview

YinYi Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “YinYi Group”), founded in 1994, is a large-scale conglomerate in China engaging in various industries. It mainly operates in three business segments: real estate, industrial, trade and modern services. It owns three listed companies, with an aggregate market cap around USD 5.74bn by the end of 2016. The first one is YinYi Real Estate Co., Ltd. (SZSE: 000981) (hereinafter “YinYi Real Estate”), which engages in real estate business, has a market cap of USD 4.38 bn and reported revenue of USD 11.6 bn in 2016. The second one is Ningbo Kangqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. (SZSE: 002119) (hereinafter “Kangqiang Electronics”), engaging in the development, production and marketing of semiconductor packaging materials, with a market cap of USD 615mn and reported revenue of USD 173mn in 2016. The third one is Guangxi Hechi Chemical Co., Ltd. (SZSE: 000953) (hereinafter “Hechi Chemical”), engaging in production and marketing of urea, liquid carbon dioxide, ammonia liquid and methanol, has a market cap of USD 708mn and reported revenue of USD 57mn in 2016.

In 2016, YinYi Group was ranked No.231 among Top 500 Enterprises of China and reported revenue of USD 9.41bn and net income of USD 420mn. YinYi Group currently has about 15,000 employees both at home and abroad.

    2. Business Overview

(1) Real Estate. YinYi Real Estate was established in 1994 and has been recognized as one of Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Developers for 14 years straight. YinYi Real Estate went public and became a financing platform for real estate business of YinYi Group in 2011. Over the past 23 years, YinYi Real Estate completed over 50 projects with total building GFA of c.5million sqm of residential and commercial properties in many large cities across China.

(2) Resource industry. YinYi’s resource industry focuses on overseas mining resources and domestic natural resources. Currently, it is a leading private player in the Chinese non-ferrous metal refinery market. In 2008, YinYi Group commissioned the development of overseas mineral resource base and established mineral companies in Philippines, Indonesia and Mexico, with possession of 50 mining rights and mines. In the domestic market, YinYi Group owns the 2nd largest nickel smelter in China, which is the only player using green technology in non-ferrous metal metallurgy industry national wide.

    (3) Manufacturing. Yinyi’s manufacturing segment focuses on automotive and semiconductor components and parts production. It has four major subsidiaries in automotive components and parts sector.

(4) Trading. YinYi’s trading sector focuses on domestic and international trading of metal, chemical and plastic material and mining products. The total revenue for Trading segments in 2016 is USD 7.22bn.

(5) Modern services. YinYin’s modern service sector includes property management, hotels, logistics and warehouse services. YinYi Property Management is the first Ningbo-based property management company awarded the First Grade Qualification certificate from the Ministry of Construction with a total area under management exceeding 12 million sqm. It owns four hotels, including Westin Ningbo, Ningbo Huaqiao Howard Johnson, etc.

3.Recent Outbound Investments

YinYi Group has extensive experiences in cross-border M&As, with 3 large cross-border acquisitions completed in 2016.

  1. ARC Automotive Inc. (Consideration: USD 461 m; Deal Status: Closed)
  • World’s 2nd largest independent airbag inflator manufacturer;
  • Long lasting and stable cooperation with world’s leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers;
  • Global low-cost operational footprint with highly attractive growth profile;
  • Technology is uniquely positioned for the growing compact vehicles market.
  1. Nippon Aleph Corp. (Consideration:USD200m: Deal Status: Closed)
  • Global leading reed switch, reed relay and optical sensor producer;
  • End markets include automotive, industrial machinery and home appliance and office segments;
  • One of the largest global brake oil level sensor supplier, accounting for 40 % of the market share.
  1. Punch Powertrain (Consideration: USD1.1bn; Deal Status: Closed)
  • Engages in the assembly of Continuous Variable Transmissions (CVT) and manufacturing of its core components, parts and control unit;
  • One of the few independent CVT manufacturers in the world;
  • Over 40 years of accumulated experience in manufacturing CVT, a unique technology that combines high fuel efficiency and shift comfort into a compact, price competitive product.

Currently, YinYi Group is proactively exploring business opportunities in new areas, such as healthcare, advanced manufacturing, new energy, new material and TMT through M&As.